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HOW TO: Make money with Affiliate Marketing

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Thousands of companies worldwide will pay you to promote their products and will pay you a commission for each successful sale that you make on their behalf. You simply use your network to promote their products, this is done mainly online – you can use anyway (within reason) to promote their products.

Why Should I do Affiliate Marketing?

Honestly, Affiliate Marketing is not an easy business to get into, but when you understand the process you can make a lot of money. At first you will probably spend hours upon hours working, promoting companies, and you probably won’t make any money – don’t let this discourage you like any business success isn’t going to come overnight, but when you understand it you can live a laptop lifestyle.

How Do I Get Involved in Affiliate Marketing?

A lot of companies will have an affiliate sign up form, sometimes, you have to fill out and you will be provided with a “back office” that will help you set up with links you can use to promote and through those links that how you earn you commission and that is how sales are tracked.

Furthermore, some companies use a “broker” to host their affiliate program, you can sign up for an account with the broker, and you have access to thousands of different opportunities you can promote, and the great part about using one of these are that you can track all your sales, and earnings in one spot rather than different places.

But, I don’t want to waste my time – Where can I learn?

I’m glad you asked – I have created a great “How To” Affiliate Marketing course that is available to you. Click on the link below, where you will be directed to the page.