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Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

The Laptop Lifestyle

This is a great way to live your life and I’m sure we’ve all thought about it at some point, being able to wake up to an oceanfront view, still in your pyjamas and getting paid. It’s a fantastic lifestyle, and I’m going to give a list of opportunities you can pursue to live the “Laptop Lifestyle”


This definitely isn’t the highest paying job, but you can easily earn $15/hr especially if you’re a native german, or english speaker. Having a specialization, such as advertising, web, or even SEO will bring your salary up.

Network/Multi-Level Marketing

A lot of people make millions in this business, and they mainly do it from wherever they are. You can be anywhere you want in the world, and you simply find like minded individuals and you will succeed. It’s tough when you first join/start up – but the possibilities are endless. For the most part, all you need is a laptop and a phone to get started.

Affiliate Marketing

IN a way, similar to network marketing, minus the recruiting – you’re simply promoting and selling a product for a company and getting paid a commission on each sale. This is another way you can be consistently making money, especially if you have a lot of web traffic.


Instead of having 5 different categories for this, it’s simply anything related to web design, programming, SEO, Social Media management etc. You just need the proper skill set, and a laptop computer and you’re on your way making some money.


You have knowledge, people CRAVE knowledge. Don’t give out ideas for free. Charge for ideas, if you’ve had some success in a particular field (business management, marketing, advertising, computers, etc) you can share your learnings for a hefty fee.


You can easily make money as a freelance blogger/writer. It’s relatively cheap to set up a nice looking blog, and write content. There are TONS of ways to monetize your blog, such as Google Ads, etc.

This is just a small portion of what you can do with your skills. Now we get into the fun part.

Where should I live?

The world is at your finger tips, you can truly live wherever you’d like. It’s not easy deciding a place you’d like to live. There is an e-book you can obtain that will help you figure out a great place for you to live your laptop lifestyle. Check it out.




Before joining any network marketing company, you obviously have a reason why you’re even looking into it, may it be money, freedom, travel.. whatever it may be it’s your reasoning. You’re going to need to have a truly solid WHY before you can be successful in obtaining any sort of success in network marketing. I’ve made a short video on what needs to be done before you join.